KCI registered, premium Havanese puppies in India.


Doing it Right

When the source of your new best friend has such a big impact on their health, behavior, and well-being, finding the right one should not be left to chance.

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If you are interested in giving one of my babies a loving home, please reach out to me to know about my future breeding plan.

PS: there is usually a wait period for a puppy.

Meet Neeta

An Ethical Breeder + Canine Trainer and Behaviorist + Trained Vet Assist

Since 2010, under the brand name Itspawssible.com, I have been exclusively breeding good quality, KCI-registered, pure-bred Havanese puppies of champion import lines. I also happen to be the first Ethical Breeder licensed by the Indian government.

All my puppies are a part of my heart, hard work and legacy. Our dogs are all whelped in my spacious home in Pune with 24-7 personalized care. They are heath-checked by a vet and come with KCI papers, microchip, vaccination record and fitness certificate.

My years of expertise as a canine trainer and behaviorist comes as an added advantage, as all pups go to their forever home toilet-trained with basic obedience training and a diet schedule. With this expertise, I am only focusing on ethically breeding Havanese puppies under the new brand Awsumhavanese.com


While Havanese dogs are small in size, they have big personalities! These outgoing, affectionate pups are bred for companionship and absolutely adore being around people.

Havanese are good-natured, trainable, fun-loving, have a playful personality and don’t bark incessantly like other small breeds. They are people-pleasers, and their long silky hair, expressive eyes and cuddly size will charm you instantly. Moreover, this breed doesn’t shed, is hypoallergenic and does not have that peculiar dog odour.

Due to their Cuban origin which has a tropical climate similar to India, their fine and lightweight coat is designed to act as a cooling agent on hot days.


Parent: Karun, Dog: Dobby

We were looking for a hypoallergenic small apartment dog. Coincidentally we came across a Havanese one of your puppies in our own complex. This led us to you. Being based in Mumbai, I liked the approach of meeting each other and interacting with Neeta’s dogs so we too had an idea of what we were going to get. The wait for us was over a year but we were sure the puppy had to be from you.

We felt part of the journey right from when the mother went on heat, constant communication kept us involved. Once the pups were born, the excitement of birth, and sharing of some of their early moments really kept the excitement going! We couldn’t wait to get the pup! Being first time pup parents, the guidance on handling the puppy really helped too and we realised how quickly he was able to adjust based on the training food and adjustments tips given by Neeta. Most importantly Neeta has been very transparent all throughout the entire process.

Parent: Karishma, Dog: Buffy

I am sensitive to dust and dander so I was looking for a hypoallergenic breed. I chose a havanese over shih tzu’s and yorkies because they have a lovely temperament and are very kid friendly. I found Neeta through a friend, though all her puppies are pre booked much beforehand, she asked to wait and not lose hope. There was a cancellation. Fortunately Buffy was meant to be with me so the wait was minimal and totally worth it. 

To my knowledge the havanese is a rare breed to find in India; (searched high and low) Colour and gender never really mattered. I liked the way Neeta does a thorough background check to whom the puppies went. It goes to show that she is genuinely concerned about the welfare of the pups. Along with that she was very helpful and guided me well with regards to my allergies to animal danders. The toilet training given by Neeta and transition to our home was very helpful. Just like with a new baby,  there is never a dull moment.

Parent: Hiral, Dog: Nitro

Neeta is not a typical, professional breeder. She exudes a lot of confidence on knowing her breed well, which she actually does and is very straightforward in her dealings too! The added advantage is that she herself is a trainer and knows her job well. Her pups are definitely pure bred and we are very happy with our pup. She had trained the pups to use the pee mat and also to be comfortable being alone while sleeping. This was done to make the pup comfortable with his new environment and new family and it has really helped our pup and us in adjusting with each other.

But what I see as the biggest advantage of Neeta is her care and support even after the pups have been delivered to us. She is always available with her help and advice where the pups are concerned, which other professional breeders are definitely not bothered about once their job of handing over the pups is done & money is in their accounts.

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Do you only breed Havanese?
Yes, as a responsible and ethical breeder, I exclusively only breed Havanese.
Does one need to register or pre-book a puppy from the upcoming litter?
Yes. Keeping my girls’ health is of foremost importance to me and I will breed them only once or twice a year. If you are looking for a pure-bred Havanese and don’t want to miss the chance of owning one, then it’s best to go through the pre-booking process.
Why is Havanese one of the easiest breeds to get fooled by?
Havanese come in various colours and combinations. The breed does not have a distinctive colour or marking. So as a puppy they could look like shih-tzu, Lahasa’s, Spaniel’s, Poodles oe Pomerian mix pups.