Meet Neeta

An Ethical Breeder + Canine Trainer and Behaviorist + Trained Veterinary’s Assistant

Since 2010, I have been exclusively breeding good quality, KCI-registered, pure-bred Havanese puppies of champion import lines. I also happen to be the first Ethical Breeder licensed by the Indian government.

All my puppies are a part of my heart, hard work and legacy. Our dogs are all whelped in my spacious home in Pune with 24-7 personalized care. They are heath-checked by a vet and come with KCI papers, microchip, vaccination record and fitness certificate.

My years of expertise as a canine trainer and behaviorist comes as an added advantage, as all pups go to their forever home toilet-trained with basic obedience training and a diet schedule.

I have been exclusively breeding Havanese dogs for over a decade, and I specialize in breeding, raising and training Havanese dogs. Over time I have noticed a regular and growing demand for my puppies.

I am the proud owner of 8 gorgeous Havanese dogs. They have all been imported from the USA and Europe. My stock dogs have all been tested for their eyes and OFA, and only then are they part of my breeding program. All the amazing and supremely cute pups are born in my spacious home in Pune and they are all hand-raised by me.

When families choose my puppies, they do so, knowing that I’ve produced a healthy new family member who will fill their home and heart with love. I maintain a personal connection with each family and this regular communication brings me immense pleasure and satisfaction. I strongly believe that breeding is a science that combines with passion and caring required by the parent dogs as well as the pups.

Many of you might envy me, thinking that having a bunch of puppies running around seems so adorable and so much fun. But you should know that behind every well-bred dog is a breeder who lost sleep, worked tirelessly, missed important events and made immense sacrifices to raise puppies the right way. I have endured the pain and sorrow of losing dogs and pups that I loved. No litter is without complications, and there could be many problems that may arise with each puppy in a litter. Add to that the frustration brought on by the judgements of others who do not have a complete understanding. Yes, breeding gives me a lot of joy. And no, breeding is not as easy as it seems.

The most important aspect for me is to breed healthy, happy, stress-free dogs while also upholding all aspects of the purest Havanese breed standard.

I am deeply attached to all my pups and the families they go to. I handhold new parents and impart vital information, such as transition to your home, behavior correction, puppy teething problems, grooming and a whole lot of other concerns that pet parents might face during the early days and even much after that. My puppy parents are free to reach out to me no matter how silly they believe their concern.
A puppy is a part of the breeder’s legacy, heart and hard work. If you are lucky, you will be entrusted with one. Trust me, it’s an honor.