Parent: Suhani, Dog: Snowy


The fact is, Neeta has perfected the art and science of bringing up healthy, well-trained, pure-bred Havanese puppies. See it for yourself .

Parent: Reena, Dog name: Norrie

I came across the havanese breed in our appartment complex who had one of pups from Neeta. I instantly fell in love with this puppy.Through them I reached out to Neeta and its been a labour of love for both of us.
We connected and I was immediately drawn to Neeta’s attitude towards responsible dog ownership, ethical breeding and weeding off people who were not serious about or understanding enough of the responsibilities of dog ownership.
Also there are dubious sites and agents who quote low rates .be aware these are all mix breeds
Pure bred Havanese price any where in the world will be above1.5 Lac
Our story is different as-it took us almost two years to meet our new fur child “Norrie” from litter of 2022 . Over these two years Neeta was attentive to our needs as a family with an existing dog, a child with special needs and our relationship grew stronger. Neeta’s first priority is the health of her dogs and puppies and I have learnt so much from her over the two years. Noorie is now 5 months old, beautifully integrated into our family. Neeta’s attention to detail, guidance throughout the process, constant updates about the puppies, and emphasis on training has been steadfast and sets the tone for what is expected from new owners. The wait for our pup was well worth it as we were determined to have our new family member from Neeta and no one else. Once noorie was home , neeta continued to guide us, sent us the kci paper work, microchip and also treats for our doggos for diwali. The entire experience has made us grateful and we have gained a wonderdul dog mentor for life in Neeta. Thank you awsumhavanese for being a part of our journey.

Parent: Madhuja, Dog name :Taiyo

Can you ever forget the day when you brought home your lil pup! Never! It’s one of those memories that you want to remember till your last day! One such fond memory would always be when we brought ‘Taiyo’ home in May-2022! We travelled to Pune and finally met Neeta Godambe, who was the catalyst in bringing that furry happiness in our lives… First i thought, “what can you not find in a city like Mumbai?”- I will tell you- a pure, ethically bred havanese puppy!😅, So the first call I made to her was around November-2021, after doing ‘my research’ (trust me, it doesn’t count😅) on the havanese breed and almost assuming that a pup would be delivered at my doorstep in max 10 to 15 days (as many fake websites/ backyard breeders promise) but Neeta Godambe has her way of doing things and I am glad that she does! The first call is the make or break call- for you…she has a questionnaire which decides if you are eligible enough to bring home one of her precious puppers and you want to prove your worth to her (the money is secondary here😉) ’cause have you seen the pictures she has posted of her doggos and their lil ones? After she got the satisfactory answers, she informed me about the breeding plan and you wait forever as long as it takes cz again, have you seen the pictures she has posted on her website of her doggos and their lil ones! By the time you wait, you re-research everything about havanese, she will send you articles that must be read! And then one fine day the call is received to let you know a pup is waiting for you…your patience has reaped it’s results…then the journey begins of this amazing bond…right from the pups are conceived, their medical checkups, the mother’s health is monitored daily and you are updated about every little and big thing! It’s an overwhelming phase…will everything go as per plans?will the delivery be as it has to be, you pray, and Neeta prays too. and sometimes not everything goes by plan but if you are destined for that pup, he will make his way to your heart and home! and ‘Taiyo’ was in the world!
OMG the moment when I went to her house,to pick up my havanese pup Her home such a warm space to be in..and the all her doggos come running to welcome you.
She makes sure that you understand all details meal schedule, vaccines,toilet training etc nothing was left for the laters…although, later she will keep calling you to check up on the puppy’s progress and will be your support as you slowly adjust with this ball of energy in your life!
I Thank you for all your hard work, diligence, love and for the spirit with which you are making your mark in the world, in the lives of your furry babies and us! Kudos!

Parent: Niranjan, Dog name : Hibiki

Its correct. Havanese are like potato chips, you cant just have One.
Eclipse our havanese from Neeta from now 4 years old . I must say I haven’t come across a breed with such fine temperament.
Impressed with method to raise healthy pups with utmost discipline, integrity,dedication along with the
connection she makes with the entire family was a breeze for1st time pet owners like us thinking of another pup wasn’t a big deal. “Hibiki”was born in 2023 a joyous journey began.

Before all these experiences, ‘ethical breeding’ was just some fancy concept for me that probably was practised in foreign lands, until, I met Neeta Godambe, What i have seen, felt, witnessed, is truly remarkable…it makes you appreciate the life that you bring home, even more…I one day wish to utilise the skills of this breed in psychological counseling setting….. And now I want to see ‘Hibiki’ as a therapy dog to fulfill life purposes, we need furry friends and catalysts like Neeta Godambe!
So go ahead and make that phonecall…if it’s meant to be, it will all work out…Neetaji is there…and if it does work out, you are in for a journey of a lifetime! .

Parent: Anish, Dog name : Lulu

Saved from getting Scammed ..
After long research I felt Havanese breed ticked all my boxes
But the hard part what getting this Rare breed. Through friends and family abroad I knew that Havanese wasn’t going to be cheap The low price quoted by all these sites and speaking to agents who were at some point trying convince to go another available breed or asking for downpayment to search for the breed,or pictures sent were all mix breed or shih ztu puppies.
For a novice getting fooled is preety easy.
I kept surfing the internet and YES I came to
convinced that I had to have puppy from Neeta ..I was lucky,she had a litter and a cancellation. My greatest joy of getting a Havanese puppy. My “Lulu”
Couldnt wait to hold this baby but patience is called for again….the puppies stay with the mother for approx 7 -8 weeks and although you are far, you have those updates from Neeta to look forward to…
I remember calling her to vent out about my vet who didn’t know what a havanese breed was and how he was confident that it’s a mixbred shihtzu or lhasa and I was scammed …she was patient enough to hear me out and empathise with me…After i got the official paper KCI for Lulu, guess who was the first person that I showed it to?…that VET ! He apologized, not that I wanted it (ok I did)! I still have to tell people- no, he is not shihtzu or lhasa, he is a Havanese- although, I am now doing it quite politely, learning with time! 😅 Patience testing, is the extra added perk in this package!
Remember Havanese is a rare breed and will be expensive and one has to wait. Neeta is the only licenced ethical breed to breed pure bred Havanese in India. Havanese is a special dog not every one is lucky to own it .

Owner: Sachika, Dogs name: Buddy

Wherever we enquired, each time you were recommended as the best breeder in India to have pure bred Havanese. After our first few interactions with you we were convinced that you would be the best person to get our little baby from.
After all the hits and misses for 2-3 years. I was finally going to get my puppy but then Covid struck. The puppy flew crisscrossing the country over 3 airports for over 10 hours. The joy and exuberance to see this adorable cutest little fellow can’t be penned .
Your passion and professionalism makes you stand apart. Even after the puppy came to our home you have always been accessible to answer our queries.

Owner: Shivam, Dog name: Toffee

Havanese puppies are expensive. She always reasons out if you have gold you will sell at the price of gold isn’t it? Not at the price of brass!
Even after warning of cheats and agents out there to fool and fill their worthless pockets. I still did some window shopping and finally came back to the right window. Waiting for our puppy has been such a joyous journey. Getting regular updates through messages, videos and pictures about the puppy. Exposing the puppy to new sounds and obstacles. Initiating excellent basic toilet training, instructions about food and sleep really helped in the transition, which breeder does all this!?

Owner: Sudeshna, Dog name: Juno

Gestation: 62 days

Raising puppies: 8 weeks or 112 days or 2,688 hours or 161,280 minutes

The constant caretaking, cleaning, feeding, providing love, sleepless nights, constant worry, checking temperatures, health testing, X-rays, ultrasounds, sending out updates to new families, speaking to current families and screening out new registrations. How do you put a price on all those seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks? How do you measure this worth? This is not a get rich quick scheme. Neeta puts her heart and soul in every litter.

Every puppy is precious because there is a family waiting with bated breath. Neeta made us part of this journey from the conception to the final handing over of the dog. She gave us every detail to become the best dog parent we possibly can. Neeta’s knowledge, passion and professionalism is par excellence .

Owner: Karun, Dog name: Dobby

We were looking for a hypoallergenic small apartment dog. Coincidentally we came across a Havanese one of your puppies in our own complex. This led us to you.

Being based in Mumbai, I liked the approach of meeting each other and interacting with Neeta’s dogs so we too had an idea of what we were going to get. The wait for us was over a year but we were sure the puppy had to be from you.

We felt part of the journey right from when the mother went on heat, constant communication kept us involved. Once the pups were born, the excitement of birth, and sharing of some of their early moments really kept the excitement going! We couldn’t wait to get the pup! Being first time pup parents, the guidance on handling the puppy really helped too and we realised how quickly he was able to adjust based on the training food and adjustments tips given by Neeta. Most importantly Neeta has been very transparent all throughout the entire process.

Owner: Sonia, Dog name: Gucci

Getting a purebred Havanese isn’t easy. Recommendations from a friend got us exploring the world of the havanese and they seemed the perfect breed in size and temperament; not to forget their quirks. From false and dubious agencies in Delhi to suspicious breeders in Mumbai quoting unrealistic prices with scanty or no information, left us wondering what to do next. Finally we reached Pune. Neeta was cut throat honest but opened her doors to us. The wait was long and honestly well worth a rare purebred. The Indian fixation to a male puppy never really mattered to us. Each puppy born was precious irrespective of coat colour and sex.

Today when we look at Gucci, A pedigree pet has a character and temperament which distinctly shines in Gucci. Neeta’s support through the birth and transition of Gucci is unparalleled. Toilet training is usually a concern for an apartment living pet; we were astonished to find our little puppy already trained. The constant advice Neeta has provided from feeding schedules, playtime to dietary input has become the guideline for us to follow. Her extraordinary passion distinguishes her remarkably from all other commercial breeders. She is the wind beneath those paws. I wouldn’t call Neeta just a breeder. She is integral to our lives and family for all the love and happiness she brings to it.

Owner: Kapil, Dog name: Dazzel

My daughter Reyaa made us think of owning a dog. We had some concerns. We are vegetarian and my mom was very conservative and apprehensive of getting a dog. We wanted a male, hypoallergenic, non shedding small dog to fit in our apartment size,

After hours of intense searching I got to know about Breed Havanese. Havanese fit the bill which led to It’s Pawssible. We visited Neeta at her place in Pune. After all seeing is believing

We decided to get the puppy from her. In my opinion, if you aren’t allowed to go and meet your prospective pet parents you aren’t dealing with a responsible breeder. Puppy mills never want you to see the conditions they are breeding in. As long as people fall in love with the pictures, sweet talk and underpriced pups the mills will continue.

Today I can say colour, gender doesn’t really matter when you have a wonderful healthy dog. It’s a beautiful experience and the sheer joy my girl Dazzel gives each time we are at home. My mother warmed up to Dazzel in no time. Neeta had told us wait and see the magic of Dazzel it’s priceless. How true.

Everything Neeta does in raising her puppies is class apart . No wonder when I checked for a trainer, vet, groomer, they all had the same answer- if you are getting a puppy from Neeta, you don’t need to worry. What more validation does one need!

Owner name: Karishma, Dog name: Buffy

I am sensitive to dust and dander so I was looking for a hypoallergenic breed. I chose a havanese over shih tzu’s and yorkies because they have a lovely temperament and are very kid friendly.

I found Neeta through a friend, though all her puppies are pre booked much beforehand, she asked to wait and not lose hope. There was a cancellation. Fortunately Buffy was meant to be with me so the wait was minimal and totally worth it.

To my knowledge the havanese is a rare breed to find in India; (searched high and low) Colour and gender never really mattered. I liked the way Neeta does a thorough background check to whom the puppies went. It goes to show that she is genuinely concerned about the welfare of the pups. Along with that she was very helpful and guided me well with regards to my allergies to animal danders. The toilet training given by Neeta and transition to our home was very helpful. Just like with a new baby, there is never a dull moment.

Owner Name: Belinda Wright, Dog Name: Islay

Remember Havanese is a Rare breed. India can’t have these in such huge numbers! A puppy can’t be available at the drop of the hat. For Pure Rare Breeds one has to wait or get ready to be cheated!

One day, about two years ago, I saw two adorable little dogs skipping through a smart hotel in Delhi. With an Expat I was told they were from Cuba. It didn’t take long to discover they were Havanese and I soon started reading everything I could about them. Their remarkable long history, about their extinction and their revival, had me enthralled. I just had to have one of these delightful little dogs! But how could I find one in India? The Havanese is a rare breed, which is virtually only found in the US, Germany and the UK.

There are a number of dog breeding kennels in India that claim to have Havanese, but it didn’t take long to work out that these were not registered, proper Havanese, but rather a mixture of toy breeds that were out to fool unsuspecting buyers. Beware of such outfits – you are buying yourself a decade worth of heartbreak and expense if you buy any puppy from one of these dog-factories!

Then one day, while I was searching the internet late at night, I stumbled upon Neeta’s website. I called Neeta the next day and to my joy I found that she was a serious breeder (and a canine trainer and behaviourist to boot!), who adored her dogs, kept them in her house, did not over-breed them, and who insisted on ‘interviewing me’ before I could even be put on her long list of potential puppy parents. Just my kind of person. I waited impatiently for almost a year for my baby to arrive. But I am so glad that I did, for little “Islay” is everything that I could have wished for and more. She slipped seamlessly into our lives and is now the heart and soul of our house, adored by everyone including our other dogs. Neeta has helped me every step of the way – what toys Islay would like best, which dog shampoo I should use, and she is always available to talk about minor medical issues. Nothing is too much trouble.

I am now waiting, more patiently this time, for a second Havanese from Neeta ! The fun bit is that once you are fortunate to have been selected as a Havanese parent, and the babies are about to be born, you get almost daily updates on the birth and the puppies’ first few weeks. When your puppy finally arrives, you feel as though you already know the little person who will be your beloved and faithful companion, hopefully for years to come.

Owner: Rekha, Dog name: Happy

To cut the long story short I was cheated into buying a mixed breed puppy as a Havanese. I did exactly everything that one who is looking for a puppy does. Didn’t research, was very desperate, got impressed by flashy websites, was smitten by the pics sent for choice, sweet promises of papers, got carried away and paid up.

Then hell broke loose when I received the puppy and it didn’t match the picture. As it grew the puppy didn’t resemble a Havanese moreover it also began having aggression issues. There was no point now to argue with the breeder, once a life enters your house you can’t dispose of it like a broken toy. Very late though, my research led to Neeta. My discussion with her made me realise that I am not the only one who gets cheated, there are many others like me.

I want a Havanese– I pleaded and pleaded to Neeta. Her Litter was all pre-booked. I called her every week requesting a puppy, but then as though God heard my pleas Neeta for the 1st time had a litter of 7 puppies and voila!! The 7th puppy was going to be mine

“Happy” Happy Happy so Happy. As of today Happy has been winning Champion certificate and Best of Breed certificates in all the Dog show Ring. I am willing to speak to anyone who is contemplating getting a Havanese, do ask Neeta for my number. Please understand that there are registered Havanese in India apart from Neeta

Owner: Vrushali, Dog name: Fluffy

I was searching for the best suitable breed for me with a lot of conditions like: should be small, long coat, hypoallergenic,kid friendly, easy to train etc. The Havanese fulfilling all conditions in one dog was just fantastic, further surfing the net I stumbled upon Its Pawssible website. I called Neeta, after speaking with her I longed for a havanese puppy but Havanese aren’t cheap. Neeta was very sweet to help and suggested other breeds to fit my budget. I called Neeta a number of times asking the same questions and every time she patiently answered my questions with a smile .

However my destiny was already written and I was coming back to Havanese. I didn’t think my 20 year old dream of having a dog would be fulfilled so wonderfully.

It was great to get constant updates about the progress and updates on growth of puppies from day one. It was really commendable of Neeta to take time out in her such busy schedule. Finally the day arrived. We couldn’t wait to go to her house to pick up our puppy.

She was very professional. She gave all the instructions on preparation to be done at home, travelling with puppy etc. All her instructions are very systematically done. After bringing our puppy home it was wonderful to know my puppy was given initial toilet training. It was so easy with training pee mats. 80% of the time he used pee mats The most difficult task of toilet training your dog was made so easy.

Before contacting Neeta I had met many breeders. But after regular communication with Neeta and seeing her passion for dogs I realised others were just sellers of the dog. They had no interest in the dog’s health and well-being. I would recommend everyone to go for a genuine breeder who knows what good breeding is. It makes a lot of difference. It’s been 5 months since we have Fluffy but still if there is anything Neeta always guides and advises us.

Owner: Indu, Dog name: Chicklet

All good things come to those who are patient. This has come true for us. If you want a good temperament and a healthy puppy, then Neeta is the one to approach. Even if it takes time to get one, we would request you to wait for it. It’s definitely worth it.

We knew about this breed through online research. Based on what we checked,,none of the other breeders had a pure bred Havanese. Secondly, most of the breeders were involved in commercial breeding with no ethics. This will in turn affect the health of pregnant dog and the newborn puppies. We were very particular that we would either adopt or get from a breeder who’s not into backyard breeding. We did not want to promote any unethical breeder or agent, we also wanted to have a puppy that is healthy and well raised,that’s exactly what Neeta offered.

Though we never met her in person, we were constantly updated with pictures and videos of the newborn right from day one. She gained our confidence right from the day we spoke to her. Everything was transparent with her. Cent percent sure that there is no other place in India where you can find pure bred havanese other than from Neeta. Who is a licensed breeder by Govt of India. (dog breeding without licence is banned by Indian Govt )

We were only on the waitlist and never expected to have one from the recent litters. But fortunately to our luck, there were 8 pups. As a first time owners, we were very concerned in the beginning

Undoubtedly, the training given at Neeta’s place has helped us a lot. House breaking was something that we were dreading. But even that she learned quite quickly. The initial few days of doing things in an organised manner as suggested by Neeta, will surely help in the long run. We have been blessed to get such an intelligent pup. I wouldn’t consider Neeta as a breeder. That would be demeaning to her, I would consider her as a Havanese specialist/behaviourist. She considers every pup as her own and treats them with love and care.

Owner: Vedika, Dog name: Jack

Being a 1st time dog owner, the Havanese breed is easy as a breeze.
The more I read about the breed the more my husband and I realised that this is the breed for us. My research led me to the only reliable source for pure bred Havanese puppies, Neeta Godambe. The first time that I spoke to Neeta, I was comfortable and knew that she was an ethical, legal and licensed breeder.

We waited a long time for our Jack, he is our first pet and we were really nervous and excited. I think it has definitely been a great experience because not only is Jack a joy to be around but whenever we needed any advice from her I knew that we can contact her for any question no matter how silly they are.

Neeta puts in a lot of effort and time raising all the puppies to the point where Jack was already toilet trained to the effect that he mostly did his business on the pee mat.

My mother-in-law who was sceptical at first about getting a dog, now Jack spends his afternoons napping with her. Additionally my Father – in – law’s blood pressure has improved since Jack has arrived. We all are so happy that he has managed to make a place in everyone’s hearts! Havanese dogs have a very friendly and happy disposition and Jack is a true testament of that.

Owner name: Prashant, Dog name: Pari

Our 3 year old dream of having a Havanese was turning into wishful thinking until the most unbelievable story unravelled. Being Facebook friends I would see Neeta’s dedication and passion as a breeder and Trainer. I was also certain that she was the only person with pure imported Havanese breed as I had seen their passports along with German and American pedigrees. I was aware that Havanese are a rare breed so the cost of one would not be cheap unlike other breeders who quoted cheaper prices just to lure customers. I visited her and her dogs along with their litters plenty of times.
After all my interactions with her and her parade of dogs I decided that I would only have a Havanese from Neeta no matter how long it took. As always whenever I enquired the litter was booked. But this time luck was in my favour!
I was on the waiting list. She called to inform me of a last minute cancellation of a puppy ready to go home to the new owner. She always tells me to have patience. My dream was about to come true and it never mattered if the puppy was male or female. She always says a puppy knows whose home it’s destined for and fills the house with joy. It will come when it has too.

Owner name: Anjali, Dog name: Yuki

My 8 year old son was really keen on getting a puppy, so after the initial apprehension I gave in and we decided to get a pup home. Started searching online for havanese pups as they are kid friendly and a small breed. I came across Neeta Godambe’s website. Quite liked the name, it’s pawssible! Went through the website and her pups looked adorable! So I instantly decided that we will get a pup from her. None of the other websites or breeders had detailed information nor did the pups look healthy as Neeta’s pups.

It was on my son’s 8th birthday that I called her and spoke to her. She came across as a very friendly person and was willing to give any information that was required. So we finally booked our pup with her and eagerly waited for the pup, our new family member to arrive! Neeta always kept us updated. And finally the day came when we could get our pup home! It was a great experience all the way! Once home she helped us settle the pup and was always available when we had any queries regarding raising the pup! The training of the pup at her end was really helpful as it made it easier for us to adapt to the new change in our house, since we were first timers! I was really happy that my pup was toilet trained in 2 months!! I kind of boasted about this to my friends who were still struggling with 1 year old dogs. Glad that we bought our pup from her. I would definitely recommend her as she is a genuine Havanese breeder.

Owner: Radhika, Dog name: Unni

The Havanese was on our wish list even before we got our Shih Tzu. We knew that they are very friendly with people and other dogs. This reassured us that he would get along very well with Muffin, our Shih Tzu. Our friend who has a puppy from Neeta strongly recommended her and we were ready to expand the family.
My experience with Muffin, the breeder barely informed us about his current eating habits and the vaccinations given. Apart from that we had to learn everything from the vet. Whereas in Neeta’s case we saw the amount of effort put into the well being of all the puppies. She was professional and thorough. She constantly kept us posted on the puppies and this effort was simply superb! Also the manner in which she gave us a list of dos & don’ts was very impressive. When I showed this to my vet at Happy Tails she was impressed too. Even though Neeta was giving her puppies away; she cared and loved them like her own and continues to advise us even after the puppies are no longer with her.

Our experience of getting a puppy from Neeta was unique, also another feature really appreciative and worth mentioning . Unni was already toilet trained by her which was very helpful. Colour and gender never mattered.
Waiting for Unni was worth it! I would definitely recommend Neeta and the breed to others.

Owner: Niyati, Dog name: Honey

My long work commitments have always kept me from taking up a new responsibility. But after I quit working, the first thing I wanted at home to be with me was a cheerful,cute little adorable furry four legged baby. It was time for me to have a new addition to my family and my search on the internet began. I came across a lot of websites and read a lot of experiences of people being cheated. Then one day I just happened to see Neeta’s name and her website. I went through it. The first look at her 5 lovely babies and I fell for them all. I did a lot of research about the Havanese and the more I read the more I was desperate to have one of them. The Havanese is a complete package any pet lover would want to have.

I got in touch with Neeta. She was as usual prompt to reply. I was most fortunate I must say as I did have to wait long. And one fine day I got the news that my baby would be home very soon. Neeta had helped us with all the pre-arrangements and it all seemed so easy. She kept posting the progress and growth of the little ones. I would look forward to pictures from her end. I will never be able to forget the day I held Honey in my hands for the first time. It was a dream come true. My son is so fond of his pet sister. Though I had some preferences earlier towards colour or male / female, but trust me when you have the best one in your arms nothing else matters at all. I owe so much to Neeta. She has been such a wonderful guide, and so true to her word. Honey is such a healthy and happy puppy. She has become an integral part of my whole family. We can’t think of a day without her around now. A big thank you to Neeta. A true blessing to all the pet lovers. Her dedication and her love towards her dogs is commendable and not only that but any query, any petty issue I come across, I know she is there. I truly believe ” A house is not a home without a Havanese”

Owner: Sudha, Dog name: Casper

We were familiar with the Havanese from our days in the US. Our very close friend had two Havanese and we were completely sold on it. My daughters wanted only a Havanese. We had been looking around for the breed for over two years in India. We were very particular on the Havanese because of its temperament, no shedding, no drooling, very easy to train and no unnecessary barking.
We saw many adverts and postings on-line but all of them were fraudulent. If at all they answer the phone, they had never even heard of the breed. We were totally put off with any on-line connections due to many feedbacks wherein the wrong breed or very sick pups were transported or there the proper documentation was missing.

Then we came across Reenu who lives in Bangalore and she recollected that she had connected with Neeta. Reenu gave us her website details. Rest is history. Finding Neeta was the best thing in our search. Casper is extremely active and very set in his ways and has converted my sister-in-law who is mortally afraid of anything that moves into a dog lover. Such is Casper’s influence.

Owner name: Freni, Dog name: Mia

I was extremely lucky to find out about Neeta and her love for dogs. I have been looking for this particular breed for over a year in India and this breed is definitely not available in India through any agents or any pounds or kennel because this breed does not exist in India, unless and until you find someone personal who has this breed as their own pet and then breeds them. This breed is probably the only breed I would love to have as a pet. I came to know about Neeta through someone in my colony who has had a pup from her. When Neeta told me that they are her pets which she breeds I was convinced that they were the real deal, so I went to meet her in Pune and also check out her Havanese dogs and their certificates and their lineage.

She is truly a dog lover, and it’s not just purely about business for her. So when she told me I’ll have to wait for a couple of months before I can get my puppy, I did not mind as I was going to get a pure breed Havanese and not a mix. Also, I will get a healthy puppy, who will be loved and looked after well till I get it. It was totally worth the wait as me and my family were completely elated when we got our puppy Mia from Neeta.

She is two years old now and an absolute sweetheart, she is so sweet and loving and playful and happy all the time. Mia brings us so much joy. We are so lucky to have found a breeder like Neeta.

Owner name: Srikant, Dog name: Tina

After researching and carefully understanding that there are many ways an unsuspecting buyer can be cheated. We were informed by one such Agent/Breeder that the dogs Neeta has are in fact have been bought from Him! This was a clever way to cheat unsuspecting buyers.

A call to Neeta immediately gives you the confidence that we were going to get a pure Havanese. All relevant documents are provided related to the Breed, she has nothing to hide, continuous communication with her left us feeling that we were adopting a puppy from a friend. Neeta really helped us connect with our pup even before she was born. It was very apparent to us right from the start that Neeta is very knowledgeable and she guided us to help with the transition of “Tina” when she arrived. Neeta is very detail oriented and helped us prepare well ahead of time for our puppy’s arrival. All in all, it was an absolutely wonderful and memorable experience getting our pup from Neeta.

Owner name Hiral Dog name Nitro

Neeta is not a typical, professional breeder. She exudes a lot of confidence on knowing her breed well, which she actually does and is very straightforward in her dealings too! The added advantage is that she herself is a trainer and knows her job well. Her pups are definitely pure bred and we are very happy with our pup. She had trained the pups to use the pee mat and also to be comfortable being alone while sleeping. This was done to make the pup comfortable with his new environment and new family and it has really helped our pup and us in adjusting with each other.

But what I see as the biggest advantage of Neeta is her care and support even after the pups have been delivered to us. She is always available with her help and advice where the pups are concerned, which other professional breeders are definitely not bothered about once their job of handing over the pups is done & money is in their accounts.

Owner name: Mili, Dog Name: Dittu

Dear Neeta,
“I always wanted to have a Toy Dog for a pet. After days of desperation and frustration, I finally stumbled upon It’s Pawssible. In true essence, Ms. Neeta Godambe is one of the best things that ever happened to me in all of 30 years of my life. The website gave me a positive vibe. Although I was a bit apprehensive initially, Talking to the chirpy and enthusiastic Canine Trainer for the very first time instantly cleared all my fuzzy thoughts. This is it! I knew; and after my discussion with her, I was certain that in good time I would be a proud owner of a sweet Havanese pup. Soon enough, I got my wish granted and my baby boy, Dittu was born! To my utmost glee, Neeta shot and shared wonderful images of Dittu as a newborn all the way to the day he was sent to me. Her valuable talk and tips on pet care were most enlightening! I would never have known the joys of having this affectionate and playful companion if it weren’t for Neeta. It has been an absolute delight knowing her and I thank her from the very deepest recesses of my heart. She truly is Godsend, who gave me my bundle of joy! Dittu agrees; WOOF! :D”

Owner name: Anjali, Dog name: Mia

Neeta trained my Golden and I would see her Havanese often during our training session. I could feel the want for a Havanese puppy but Neeta’s all the puppies were booked. We were patient enough to wait for a puppy & we knew that it was more than worth the wait and finally we were lucky to get one. Our Mia.

Neeta being an expert her all puppies are well socialised, well adjusted, well-bred with no health issues, from day1 Neeta updated us about our pup via pics and videos and that’s actually the time when the sense of belonging with Mia started. She always encouraged us to visit the puppies as often as we like and all our queries were answered thoroughly. Neeta tried her best to match the perfect puppy with the family and she also took our Golden retriever Angel’s personality into Consideration. Overall I would say that Havanese is a beautiful little dog breed and Mia is a wonderful addition to our family!

Owner name: Swati, Dog name: Fulffy

It all started when my husband and I went out and saw a small cute dog in the hands of a stranger. Such was the appeal of the breed that we spoke to the girl right away. One thing led to another and in no time we got Neeta’s number on the net. What luck!! I knew this would be the best gift for my daughter. Slowly speaking to Neeta, getting to know more about the Havanese dogs led to a steady increase in my interest. The first trip to Pune we got to see both Coffee and Jannu, to see how our future pup would look like. We booked and followed up. A year later our excitement grew as news of the litter reached us.

One of the best parts was Neeta sending us constant updates in the form of messages and pictures. The constant stream of pictures and messages about the puppies was probably the only thing that kept us from deciding not to come to take Fluffy immediately. Finally came the day we could take Fluffy home. We followed Neeta instruction to the” T “as she had trained the puppies for transition. Neeta’s tip on making him sleep alone in the room was the best. Now Fluffy has become everyone’s darling. Neeta has been a great help. I feel free and comfortable to ask her about my doubts and I must say she really listens patiently and answers even the most trivial queries. Even after giving away her puppies you can feel the interest she takes in their well being. I really want to thank her for this bundle of joy named Fluffy

Owner Name: Anindya C, Dog name: Lassie

I just wanted to take some time to express how much I am enjoying being with Lassie this year. I can’t think of a pet who could have made this year any more special than lassie is doing. When I first saw her at the airport– it was love at first sight!

I cannot thank you enough for raising such a beautiful puppy. I appreciate that she came to us extremely healthy and clean! It is always a risk buying off the internet but you were so helpful and honest. Thank you so much! You truly are a standout dog lover and breeder because of your sheer dedication and care to your dogs.

Especially I like to thank you for the way you kept me updated since when I first talked to you over phone as an unknown person. You always made that extra sure that I understood all of your communication regarding choosing and raising a good puppy according to my need, since you knew I was far away from Pune in Kolkata. Without your guidance, I never would have been able to master puppy training the way I did. Being able to count on you for extra help and clarification was really special to me and shows me how much you care about the happiness and wellbeing of your beloved pets and their next generation.

Owner Name: Sonia, Dog name: Bling

We were looking for a Havanese pup, a small playful breed and we stumbled upon It’s Pawssible site.It was the beginning of our long-lasting friendship with Neeta Godambe. Well, she isn’t a breeder and that was a real sense of relief for us as we have had 2 experiences in the past where we bought dogs from breeders and we lost them within a few months. So, this time there was definitely no scope for another dog breeder in our lives. So we spoke to her and she told us we would have to wait for the next litter which would be about a 6 month wait. But well, the wait was worth it, cause when we set eyes on our little pup “Bling” nothing else mattered.

She had given us a list of to do things which we had the option of following to train the pup as she is also a trainer which was an added advantage for us. I followed it to the T and it could not have been a better decision. All in all I would like to say that we are glad we found her and through her our little sweetheart. And I would any day take a pup from a person like her.

Owner Name: Pankaj Rana, Dog name: Pacey

My wife and I came across Neeta’s website while we were looking to adopt a puppy. We immediately got a good vibe from her. We were very impressed with her knowledge and the caring approach she took to raising puppies. Neeta very frankly told us that we might have to wait a long time to get a puppy but still we decided to wait because we wanted a puppy which is raised in a loving environment. We were very lucky and in a few months’ time we were able to bring our precious puppy home. Neeta had done a wonderful job in raising him as he has the sweetest, most affectionate personality. He has brought so much love and laughter into our lives and for that we will be forever thankful to Neeta.

Owner Name: Rita Choksi, Dog name: Kaii

After years of being pressured to get a pet. I finally gave the nod. My elder son researched and came across the Havanese breed. At first we were clueless, the breed was rare and exotic, we were first time prospective owners and knew nothing. But I guess it was fate that we one day stumbled across a website were introduced to Neeta Godambe. Neeta is friendly and answered all our questions. She also put us in touch with other owners of pups from her dog’s litter. Eventually we waited a while, a year and a half almost to get Kaii.

Throughout she did a lot of handholding, keeping us posted from the day Kaii was conceived right down to the time we got him home and even after that you can go with all your worries to her and she will fix everything. Neeta’s pups come from a very good lineage and have been hand raised. It is very important to understand that dogs cannot be just bought, one has to connect with the dog and take into account many factors such as the parents, environment, puppy raising their weaning, many other things. Such aspects only an extremely knowledgeable and competent breeder will tell you, getting a dog from an agent is simply unimaginable for us now that we think of it. We also visited Neeta twice in Pune and this just made us trust her even more, we got to interact with Kaii’s parents Jaanu and Maya. We are so happy we waited all that while to get Kaii,we can’t imagine a single day without him and I am really grateful to Neeta for this. All I can say is please trust her as I have, and she will repay your faith with something that becomes an inseparable part of your lives.

Owner name: Ashish, Dog name: Pearl

I had gone through horrible allergy attacks due to the skin infection that our dog Sunny had due to his old age. We were badly in need of a little angel that would fill the emptiness that Sunny had left us.
We started researching more about these hypoallergenic breeds, that’s when Neeta Godambe came into our lives. We contacted her to get all the necessary information about this breed called Havanese that she exclusively breeds. She answered all our questions patiently and gave us all the required information. Later we visited Neeta in Pune to see the parents Coffee and Jaanu. They were healthy and well maintained. I had spent quite a few hours with the dogs and did not experience any allergy symptoms. Right away we decided to book a pup from the next litter.

Neeta would always keep us updated with information including pictures and videos even before Coffee got pregnant, till we had brought the puppy home. Our requirement was a naughty female puppy. Neeta then chooses a puppy carefully for us as per our requirement. Hats off to Neeta for taking good care of the mother and all her puppies selflessly day and night. Finally the day arrived when we were given the green signal to pick our darling baby girl ‘Pearl’ after her vaccinations and certification. Neeta informed and guided us how to go about, take care, train and feed the new puppy. It was of great help. Neeta used to constantly check and guide us even after we had taken her home which most of the breeders never do. We would like to give a big thanks to Neeta , Coffee and Jaanu for giving us such a wonderful and priceless little angel named Pearl.

Owner Name: Ananya, Dog Name: Juno

It all started with your website. I had looked up so many breeds and loved the havanese. I tried to get in contact with many kennels. But I was left disappointed every time. This is when I came across your website. Saw all the testimonials, coffee and jaanus photos and I just knew it was the right place to get our first puppy from. When I got in touch with you, you told me the last puppy of the litter had left your house just 2 weeks ago and I was disappointed. I registered for the next litter which would be 10 months. Then the D day came finally and my wait was over.

The journey of seeing my puppy from birth, the photos, the clips of my puppy and the litter and other updates that Neeta sent regularly were all so appreciated and certainly is what kept me going. As a first time dog owner, Neeta guided me. I was apprehensive because a little life was being delivered into our care, but her instructions reassured me. From the day we got Juno home she’s been the joy of our lives. Naughty and confident she’s made believers out of non believers. She is so precious to us. Thank you for giving Juno to us.

Owner Name: Sontake, Dog Name: Laila

Words are not enough to thank Neeta – she was associated with us as a trainer and behaviourist for our first hyper dominating lab– after seeing her Havanese dogs we too wanted one. With her expertise to help us with both the dogs they bonded well. Laila is well trained at agility with Neeta. Laila is the apple of my eyes and is loved by all in my house.

Owner Name: Shruti, Dog Name: Gaby

I got to know of Neeta Godambe through a friend at Kennel Club of India (KCI) and I believe it was fate because we were specifically looking for a Havanese dog and Neeta had a pair of them, completely certified. We were happy with her and convinced and immediately booked a puppy, and got our female Havanese (who we named Gaby) in October 2012. Neeta raised all the pups very well and helped us in selection of the pup. She was the sweetest little puppy, and was of very little trouble through her puppy phase. She has a lovely colour and fluffy hair that we enjoy grooming her regularly so she has a different look every few months. She is very lively and friendly and has changed our lives around completely. She has become a huge part of the family and a friend to my 4 year old son, and surprisingly managed to keep a good relationship with our older Lab who we thought wouldn’t accept her at all. We are blessed to have Gaby and are grateful to Neeta for making it all happen. In fact we hope to get another puppy from her soon!

Owner Name: Kendra, Dog Name: Naiya

After researching and speaking to some breeders, I came across a website called It’s Pawssible. Neeta was quick and prompt in replying back. She insists on speaking rather than communicating by email. I must say that indeed speaking puts all of one’s fears to rest. She is honest, frank and gives the confidence that one has reached the right place. I was lucky to have a puppy immediately. She does take very good care in raising the pups. Naiya is sweet, friendly and the life of our house.

Owner Name: Gupta’s, Dog Name: Balu

Balu is now 1 yr old, and we are in constant touch with Neeta. She doesn’t come across like other breeders who are just after the sale of the pup and disappear right after. Balu is a bundle of small energy and loves attention. Neeta has been constantly there for us for any small issue from eating, sleeping, sickness, bathing, and toilet training. As a first time pet parent this is a major plus to have Neeta. The best part about this journey has been the constant updates through pictures and videos of our Balu from his birth till he is at our home. Thank you Neeta.

Owner Name: Sethu, Dog Name: Pari

It’s quite interesting that I was actually looking for a pug and called Neeta asking if she had a pug, it was then when she asked me to look up Havanese and if the breed interested me. I made a visit to her house to see her dogs and instantly anyone could fall in love with them. I didn’t want to exceed my budget and I had to go with a pug. I visited two places to see the pugs but these puppies were kept in dark dingy dirty places. I had already seen how Neeta was keeping and raising the pups so there was no second thought, I called her up and asked if any was available. The litter was all booked hence but I didn’t mind waiting. At least I knew the health of the pup and the condition in which it spends the first weeks of its life are the best, being involved from time the mother conceives. The whole process is so joyous and amazing. Pari, our darling, fills the house with so much love. Thanks Neeta for introducing me to the world of Havanese

Owner Name: Dutta, Dog Name: Candy

I came upon neeta’s website in 2011, where I first saw jaanu and coffee, the adorable couple. I could not get a puppy from that litter. Neeta and I kept in touch and she promised to let me have a pup from the next one. 7th August 2012, neeta gave me the good news of the arrival of our baby ‘candy’. We fell in love with all the little ones but candy had a special place in our hearts. After regular updates and photographs almost everyday, Candy finally arrived at our home on 28th of sept 2012 and boy did our lives change? Our lives revolve around our little bundle of joy who is the most perfect little companion anyone could ever wish for. My daughter who is seven has bonded so well with candy that it is very difficult to keep them apart even for a little while. Thank you Neeta for your advice and help that you handed out to me, every step of the way in bringing up candy. God bless you!! Keep up the good work.