About the Havanese Breed

Hi, I am Jaanu. I am sure glad you came on over to my page. Here are some facts about us.

  • The Havanese is the “National Dog of Cuba “the only native breed officially recognised in 1995 by American Kennel Club.
  • The Havanese is a wonderful breed, a perfect companion that loves people, especially children.
  • We fit perfectly in your lap Our ideal size is 9 to 10 1/2 inches and weigh upto 5kg
  • We have beautiful soft, silky long coat that is non shedding and hypoallergic with no dog odour.
  • Due to our Cuban origin which has tropical climate similar to India, our fine and lightweight coat is designed to act as a sunshade and cooling agent on hot day. Hence we are best suited for Indian climate.
  • We are very smart, happy, and affectionate and people pleasers. Excel in obedience and agility. Love learning tricks and easy to train.
  • We come in a very wide variety of colors. Cream, Black, Golden, Chocolate and mix of all these colors
  • We walk and run with a unique, springy gait. It accentuates our happy personalities.”

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Havanese are a rare breed in this world. Only approx. 7000 remaining. So you may have to wait until a puppy is available. Register if you are interested in a puppy!!!

Brief Historical Summary

The breed comes from the Western Mediterranean region and has developed along the Spanish and Italian coastal region. It would seem that these dogs were imported early in Cuba by ocean navigating Italian captains. The political events however have led to the total disappearance of the old bloodlines of the Havanese in Cuba; apparently a few dogs could be successfully smuggled out from Cuba; their descendants have survived in the U.S.A.

General Appearance

The Havanese is a sturdy little dog, low on his legs, lively and quick; with long abundant hair, soft and preferably wavy.


Texture of Hair

Undercoat woolly and not very developed; it is often totally absent. The topcoat is very long (12-18 cm in an adult dog), soft, flat or wavy and may form curly strands.

Colour of the Coat

There are two varieties of colour

  • Rarely completely pure white, fawn in its different shades of light fawn to havana-brown (tobacco colour, reddish brown); markings in those colours of coat; slight blackened overlay admitted.
  • Black, admitted colours (white, light fawn to havana-brown) with black markings.


Exceptionally lively and talented, he is easy to train as alarm dog. Affectionate, of a happy nature, he is attractive, a charmer, playful and even a bit of a clown. He loves children and plays endlessly with them.

More Information

Some more info can be found on this website.