My Journey

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved dogs and have had dogs around me since I was a child. I grew up with some amazing dogs and loved every minute I spent with them, learning the finer aspects of dog personalities and behaviour.

I became especially interested in their behaviour and obedience training after adopting a mischievous Bichon Havanese called Jannu. It was he who expanded my horizons and made me look at domesticated/ companion animals in a whole new light.

How and why dogs learn, their interplay, and the impact of the genetic and environmental factors affecting their temperament and behaviour absolutely fascinated me. You could easily credit Jannu with me choosing a career in Dog Training, and eventually launching ItsPawssible.

As I began my journey as a canine trainer and behaviourist, I quickly realised the many areas and services that dog owners and pets lacked. Soon, ItsPawssible branched out to various new endeavours. Among the many firsts that I brought to the Pune dog world was being the first to introduce dog agility, the first to start an exclusive small-breed home boarding, the first to initiate dog outdoor excursion, the first to conduct Sunday morning dog park socialisation session and most importantly, being one of the first to be issued with a Breeder’s Licence in India.

Awsum Havanese by Its Pawssible Kennel is an exclusive site for selling pure-bred Havanese puppies. To support and encourage ethical breeding, the Animal Welfare Board of India implemented the Dog Breeding Law in 2018. I was one the first 5 breeders in India to be issued the Breeder’s Licence.

There has been a sudden growth of home-breeders/ puppy mill breeders who have little to zero knowledge of the practice and are in it only for the money. Responsible and ethical breeders have spent years dedicating themselves to not only learning about the craft/science of breeding, but also to the health of any dog being bred. It takes a whole lifetime, and some more, to become an expert in just one breed of dog. As an ethical breeder, I am constantly thinking of improving my breed lines while also maintaining dogs’ health, the comradery of showing, and the friendships forged in the dog world.

I devote my free time to learn and study gene pools, and keep records. I do this in order to maintain the optimum health and welfare of my stock dogs. It takes a lot of effort, knowledge and experience to breed dogs with the required temperament and structure.

I ensure my pups have a clean, comfortable, safe, stimulating, and enriching environment in which they are raised. I spend hours on an extensive plan for puppy socialisation, including noise desensitisation, encountering new surfaces and objects, meeting people and other animals, car rides, household exposure, etc. Use of the raising system Puppy Culture or Early Neurological Stimulation.

Yes, I’m a responsible, ethical and passionate Havanese breeder. But at the end of the day, I’m a dog person. I wake up thinking of dogs and go to sleep also thinking about dogs.